National Institutional Level Experiences


First Italian seminar on Business Transfer “Re-Intraprendere” (Rome, 21st November)
organised by Ministry of Industry and Unioncamere/Retecamere: Toni Brunello was an official speaker.

Participation in the Technical National Committee on Business Transfer, officially recognised and activated after the national seminar “Re-Intraprendere” (see previous point).

The regional draw of law on business transfer has been approved and officially presented in a public seminar. StudioCentroVeneto cooperated with the Veneto Region as technical consultant on the matter.

2003 - 2004

Italian Ministry of Economy
Invitation in participating to a Work Table aimed to study an action plan able to apply the guidelines recommended by the EU Expert Group.

2002 - 2005

Veneto Region/ SME Department / Unioncamere Veneto

a) Charge to lead Ri-lancio Research (2002)

  • Program: six seminars all over Europe (Verona, Lyon, Barcelona, London, Lienz, Brussels) with six trans-national Partners
  • Participants: more than 500 entrepreneurs, 100 experts
  • Output: the kit “Di Padre in…Meglio”, discussed and improved, is translated into English, French, German, Spanish with the new name “kit.brunello”, and is included in the EU official website

b) Charge to design a Regional bill on Business Continuity (Study Table, in co-operation with several experts)
  • Starting up of the first Italian Centre of Excellence on the issue

1999 - 2001

Unioncamere Rome: Research for a European SME’s Exchange

  • Mandate to the Atelier: recognition of the best ongoing marketplace experiences in Europe
  • Collaboration of Toni Brunello and Paolo Zaramella
  • GenerAzionImpresa, Bologna Connection