1) In what way does the Kit.Brunello.System help the transfer?
In what way does it help raising the awareness?

Business people generally say that by "passing through" the kit.brunello questions they realise how many fronts should be considered, and they feel the need to start to front them on time.
They also say they understand that some problems they feel are not only theirs' but they are common to other colleagues. This is why it would be precious to start from a common seminar, not engaging business owners to make decisions, but just to understand the general framework.

A seminar should be managed by somebody else, out of the parties, for example somebody from the Chambers of Commerce, or somebody having the Chambers of Commerce official support.
This way, a learning atmosphere - not a teaching one - should be raised.
This is the real base for awareness rising.
Business people generally say that after answering the kit.brunello, questions, and also after taking part in a Dis-seminar with Quick Self-Check, they often decide to start speaking with the family and/or business members on the issue.
They mostly do that in a place out of the company (for example in their rest place, "without telephone", during the end of the week, etc.).

The first step is often to decide to start interpersonal communication by a very general approach. When dealing with business transfer, silence is not worth gold!
When this is done institutionally, it starts from a basic seminar on communication. This could be run by local experts on the classic "communication" issue, but without entering the specific transfer problems. At least not from the very beginning! In fact, an "hurried" approach is usually counter-producing.


2) How long should it take direct counselling to businesses facing the transfer process?

It should take at least two - but actually 3 - phases.
In Italy, the first phase takes about 1 month. The kit.brunello questionnaire is processed to the business actors, followed by a basic first-level training on communication, taking about 3-4 full engaged days (it may need an investment from 4.000 to 9.000 euros, according to the business complexity).

In Italy, the second phase takes about 6 months. It means starting the transfer project, with about 5-8 full engaged days, focusing on Actors behaviour (it may need an investment from 4.000 to 12.000 euros, according to the business complexity).
The third phase should be diluted in several years, also with some "sleeping and assimilation times". It is not a circular process - like starting an ISO 9000 Quality process, which starts by an analysis and ends by a Certificate - but a wave motion process, with some moments of action and some moments of settlement and thinking.

The first and very important phase is about the specific business personalised analysis. In this first phase, the kit.brunello-based interview should be run. Every kit.brunello complete single interview needs about 80 minutes.
Moreover, also some integrative free interviews can be done by a consultant, but this is not indispensable. Consultants generally need some time (for example one month) to "digest" and assimilate the single business situation picture, using the data s/he collected and processed through the kit.brunello.
The correct output should be a personalised profile, with the proposition of a Transfer preparation Project, diluted in a middle-term time.
We have realised that during this time, the kit.brunello already proposed questions are "silently working".
During this time, Senior owners must be very much respected in their position. Junior people should be involved only later, and accordingly with Seniors' point of view.

The second phase, as well as the third one, depends very much on the first phase outputs.


3) How does the Kit.Brunello.System approach help in an objective way, i.e. to arrange taxation issues or find money for the company development?

The most important contribution the kit.brunello gives is that it mainly shows what are the really decisive questions in business transfer.
They generally are not those related to taxation, as people usually believe, but those linked to market competitiveness (i.e. the business products and services) and to people who are going to take over the leadership and the management role.

About the specific taxation and financial issues, the kit.brunello questionnaire does not directly provide money nor reduce taxation. However, it provides some basic questions helping understanding how to arrange such problems on time, in an harmonic and organic picture. Part of the system can sensitise Institutions to provide financial and fiscal measures.
Moreover, proposing a reasonable business-plan to banks can facilitate getting money. Also, according with local law, planning taxation in advance can dramatically reduce tax impact.


4) How does the Kit.Brunello.System help Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Business Associations and similar entities to mobilise their resources towards business transfers?

Some basic tools (like the Transfbiz Exchange-Letter, the Dis-seminars, the ABC for Business Transfer tool) can start raising awareness in entrepreneurs potentially involved in the handover processes.

Moreover, the support can go from concrete and experimented propositions on Research, Regional Bill (proposed draft of law), Suggestions for Observatories, national or regional focused Discussion Tables.


5) How long does it take for a business expert to be qualified to use the Kit.Brunello.System approach? Is there an objective type of qualification?

The basic thing should be to build-up a first Nucleus of experts, to get a homogeneous approach and a basic culture on business transfer.

Business Experts can have three levels of competence:

a. Basic service attendants (window-operators) to be able to explain to interested people the Kit.Brunello.System basic tools, and to submit the kit.brunello basic questionnaire.
A 1-1,5 day seminar, open to max 30-35 people, would be enough to train them;

b. Generalist experts, to be able to support interested business people in drawing their transfer main framework, and reading the kit.brunello output. This should allow them to leave to the usual and already trusted enterprise consultants and/or bookkeepers the role to get into details.
A 2,5-3 day seminar, open to max 20-25 people, is necessary to train them;

c. Sector specialists, with Business Transfer added culture: this should be a peer-to-peer short seminar to already expert people in fiscal, marketing, personnel, organisation aspects etc., in order to support them in getting a larger view of their role, more open to the Business Transfer framework.
A 1,5-2 day seminar, open to max 15-20 experts, would be useful to update their knowledge to business transfer more recent views.

The possible co-operation actions should be agreed, as a consequence and/or in a co-ordinate way with the main Kit.Brunello.System renting. This should be rent as exclusivity for the whole Country (with allowance to rent it to other operators within the Country itself).