Kit.Brunello.System in 7 points

1. What is it?

UAn innovative methodology for dealing with Business Handovers.

2. What for?

It offers a solution bag full of different focused interventions for Business Handover assistance, each one referring to a specific stage of the transfer.

3. Why?

The Kit.Brunello.System aims at being an innovative approach for Business Handovers, by dealing on the whole issue and not only on a specific phase of the transfer. It is particularly recommended to support territorial analysis and action on a large scale.

4. When?

The Kit.Brunello.System is to be used at any stage in Business Transfer: starting from the sensitization of entrepreneurs to the issue (Awareness) through getting acquainted with it (Acquaintance); further self-analysis (Analysis) handover plan drawing and empowerment (Answers); to mentoring on the business vitality (Achievements Mentoring) to final territorial statistics (Territorial Answer).

5. Where?

The methodology is suitable for Business Transfer consultants all over Europe. The system techniques and tools proposed in the solution bag can be adopted by all European countries, on the base of some preliminary remarks according to the Country features.

6. Who?

Meetings and seminars can be run in co-operation with Trade Associations and Institutions. The tools can be used by single Business Transfer experts as well.

7. How?

Kit.Brunello.System is already available!
Contact immediately StudioCentroVeneto!