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Dynamo - First national day on business continuity

Dynamo - First national day on business continuity

"Dynamo", the very successful event held on 10th of November as part of European SME Week 2011, involved the main transnational stakeholders on Business Transfer topic.


The contributions and the presentations of the seminar are available to be downloaded at this link.


Dynamo has been an opportunity to discuss the state of the art on Business Transfer Process thanks to the "voices" came from Sweden, from the Netherlands and directly from the European Union, together with the one of the Italian "Mr. SMEs", Giuseppe Tripoli (represented in this occasion by Mr. Giuseppe Capuano).


The event has been characterized by its vivacity and dynamism, not only thanks to the lively participation of prestigious guests, but also thanks to the coordination and moderation of Toni Brunello, European expert in Transfer of Business and Generational Changeover, as well as founder of StudioCentroVeneto.


The program of Dynamo has been really rich. The presentations given by speakers took turns on the one hand by videoconferences with other colleagues and experts in Transfer of Business unable to be physically present (including Mr. Francesco D'Aprile - ICMCI President) and on the other hand by the direct personal testimonies offered by some guests (entrepreneurs, researchers, officials of institutions).


The newspaper "Il Sole 24 Ore" writes: "The companies support offered by StudioCentroVeneto is a model for Europe. (Il supporto alle imprese di StudioCentroVeneto é un modello per l'Europa.)" Toni Brunello adds: "Our experience in assisting more than 1200 companies in the last 30 years allows us to have a good knowledge of the problem. From this field experience we have created an innovative tool, the Kit.Brunello.System - appreciated by EU and recognized as EU Good Practice - which is available for companies, Business Associations and Institutions and, in particular, for Chambers of Commerce."

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