Business Transfer finds space in Europe

Business Transfer finds space in Europe

On the 8th of June 2011 a meeting of strategic importance took place at the European Commission Headquarters in Brussels. Its aim was to reset the European agenda on the issue of Business Transfer, with a clear mission: get closer to what happens "on the ground". 


This opportunity for discussion was promoted by the Office of the Vice-President Antonio Tajani, who coordinated the meeting: a representative of Eurochambres (900 Chambers of Commerce), one for UEAPME (23 million small and micro enterprises), one for Business Europe (European Confederation of large industries), the delegates of the SME Department, of the EU Ambassador  ("SME Envoy"), of the European Association on the topic (TRANSEO).


Toni Brunello was invited for a technical contribution as European expert on business transfer; this participation comes also from the premises launched in Budapest last May at the EU half-yearly Conference, during which the European Good Practice "Phoenix" (promoted by the Unioncamere del Veneto and StudioCentroVeneto) was officially presented.

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