Kit.brunello Philosophy

Kit.brunello: a good practice philosophy for an effective Business Transfer*
*(or, if you prefer: for competitive dis-continuity)

Strategic steps:

1. Self analysis

When you don't know where you're going, you should know where you're coming from. (African proverb).

2. Leadership-based Transfer Planning

Kit.brunello - planning successful business transfer through Business Renovation based on: - Internal Leadership * (Personal Leadership) - External Leadership ** (Market Leadership)

* Sven Atterhead, Gustaf Delin, The Foresight Institute
** W.G. Bennis, B. Nanus

2.1 Internal Leadership

"The internal leader: a human and professional reference for the other organisation members".

1. Vision
2. Ambition: self-selecting people
3. Empathy: communication-oriented people
4. Action: implementation-oriented people
5. Self-confidence: people trusting in themselves

2.1 External Leadership

Being the leader in a market niche

- Change is the background for innovation.
- The enterprise's resources: the actual and potential Clients.
- Enterprise actual resources are external. (1)
- The business source: competitive advantage (2)
- The excellence key: close to the customer (3)
- Marketing is the art of creating genuine customer value (4)

(1) Peter Drucker
(2) Michael Porter
(3) Tom Peters
(4) Philip Kotler

3. Business Renovation

After multi-generational experience we learn that successful business transfers are generally based on a whole Business Renovation.

4. Transition Monitoring

Planned business transfer must be systematically monitored on the strategic and tactical side.

5. Output: Strategic Profiles

As a result of both theoretical statements and practical experience on hundreds of SMEs, Personalised Strategic Profiles are proposed.