Targeted questions, targeted answers

Some central European skiers, such as Daehlie, Svan, Siitonen, Martinsen/Skari, Belmondo, Di Centa, Vaelbe, Hamalainen, owe part of their success to an in-depth study of the different types of snow (wet, powdery, granular, icy etc.) on which they have to compete, and consequently the perfection of various techniques and choice of the appropriate waxes.
As a result of analysis, they have found the right solution for confronting the situation, case by case.

They are never one hundred percent certain, but the negative probabilities are reduced drastically.

It is in the wake of these approaches (or those of medicine or flight techniques, if you prefer) that we will try to take a systematic look at the whole problem of Business Transfer.

In trying to construct this picture together, we will then endeavour to focus on the different types of situation and problem.

In this way, we will try to lend a hand to Entrepreneurs, Seniors, Juniors, Managers, Consultants and Internal and External associates who deal with the Family and the Company so they can better understand themselves, and therefore perform better.