Research and Co-Projects Planning

Hunting for competitive solutions, with forefront Partners.
Translating latent opportunities into actually achievable – concrete – projects, to be caught from calls for proposals/tenders and work hypothesis.
Specific Areas: institutional interest fields: European, national, regional, local.

We propose ourselves as project processes facilitators and coordinators, offering consultancy and support to:

  • Identify financial funds
  • Accompany the project idea development
  • Build local and trans-national partnerships
  • Support - or completely manage - the project contents drawing up

Cooperate with us to innovate!

We promote and carry out research activity, using qualitative and quantitative tools that make possible a complete analysis of the concerned issues, and following by ourselves all the phases the research process implies:

  • Matter and hypothesis definition
  • Draft of research formulation
  • Data collection
  • Data processing
  • Interpretation of outputs
  • Presentation of main results