European institutional level experiences


European Charter of SMEs Conference (Stockholm 2009)
Toni Brunello takes part as official speaker, presenting the European Best Practice n business transfer Kit.Brunello.System.

2007 - 2008

Conférence Européenne de l’Artisanat et des Petite Entreprises (Tours 2008)
Toni Brunello takes part as official speaker, as European Commission Expert.

Confederation of Norwegian Enterprises – NHO
Agreement for the setting up of the online instrument kit.brunello.06 on the Association’s web portal, with annual renewal of the rental contract.


European Charter of Small Enterprises (Vienna, 13th-14th June)
Toni Brunello takes part as official speaker, as Italian representative on Business Transfer issue.

Consultancy to Kosgeb, Turkey (not-for-profit body, national agency for SME’s growth and development in Turkey)
Toni Brunello leads one week of training to its managers and officers on business continuity theme.


Greek Chambers of Commerce (May 2004)
Start up of a network aimed to translate kit.brunello in Greek and to adopt it as good practice on national level.

Belgian Industry Ministry (Wallonia)
Invitation from Wallonia Industry Ministry to participate in a seminar on Business Continuity theme that took place in Mons: kit.brunello and Laboratorium good practices’ presentation, face to face match with a local entrepreneur.


Toni Brunello participates as speaker in the Colloque, important seminar that APCM (Assemblée Permanente des Chambres des Arts et Métiers) organised in Paris (seminar language: French; all the other speakers but one were French).

1998 - 2006

Constant co-operation with the European Experts Group on many activities and Report publications (Best report 2002, Map Report 2004, Market for Business Transfers 2006).


European Project Relais:

  • Program: six seminars in Europe (Verona, Lion, Barcelona, London, Linz, Brussels) with six trans-national partners.
  • Outcome: the kit “Di Padre in…Meglio”, discussed and improved, is translated in English, French, German, Spanish with the new name kit.brunello, and inserted on the official EU web site.

Kit.brunello becomes the first European Good Practice, acknowledged as operational tool for business handover governance.


Edizioni Il Sole-24Ore publishes the self-analysis interactive kit “Di Padre in…Meglio by Toni Brunello, in its Mondo Economico supplement: 52.800 copies.


Toni Brunello co-operates with Brussels in the Lille EU Forum: official speaker.